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Endorphina is a leading software developer based in Prague, responsible for some of the most enjoyable and instantly recognisable online casino games. Since 2012, Endorphina has been creating and releasing fun-filled slot titles much loved by online slot fans.

At Stake Crypto Casino , you can enjoy a vast selection of Endorphina slots, spanning different themes and covering many interests.

Something that stands out about Endorphina games is that they’re straightforward and ideal for beginners. You don’t need any experience with slots to get started with their most popular titles.

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With units in your account, you can then enjoy the wide range of Endorphina slot games available at Stake.com, many of which we introduce in the following sections.

History of Endorphina

Endorphina was founded in 2012 in Prague and has become one of the leading online software developers, providing outstanding slot titles for players to enjoy.

There are more than 100 games available in the Endorphina library, covering a huge number of themes and styles, covering all bases as far as online slot fans are concerned.

Given the quality of their games, Endorphina has been recognised with ten industry awards over the years, winning the Slots Guide’s Slot of the Year in 2015 and several other prestigious awards and prizes.

Today, Endorphina is responsible for developing some of the most popular and enjoyable games available at the Stake Casino. The following sections introduce the different types of games you can experience with Endorphina Games.

Endorphina is an online slot developer, focusing on developing unique and engaging themed slot titles for players to enjoy. Endorphina games encompass a broad range of themes, but their most popular titles can be categorised in the following ways:


Fruit-based slot games have long been popular and allow players to experience classic gameplay. You are spoiled for choice when it comes to fruit-themed Endorphina slots, with the likes of Lucky Strike 3 , Wild Love , and Joker Stoker all offering a unique take on the classic fruity.


Endorphina also excels as far as animal-themed slot games of titles showcasing loveable animal characters, including Cyber Wolf , Rooster Fury , and Buffalo 50 , among others.


Money slot games play on our collective desire for riches and show that there may indeed be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Endorphina has created several much-many much-loved money-themed slots for players to enjoy, including Cash Tank , and Satoshis Secret , all of which are popular at the Stake Casino.


Game studios have long played on the popularity of ancient-themed slots , as players love the opportunity to travel back in time. Within the Endorphina library, you will find a number of exciting ancient-themed slot titles, including popular games like The King , Fisher King , and Glory of Egypt .


Another category of slot titles that Endorphina excels at is fantasy games , offering unique and exciting adventures and quests to online players. Some of the most popular fantasy titles at the Stake Casino include games such as Minotaurus , Troll Haven , and Chimney Sweep .

Popular Endorphina Games

Many of Endorphina’s titles are among the most popular slot games at Stake.com, and you can enjoy the following games from this leading software developer at the Stake Casino:

  • Twerk : Based on the popularity of the twerk dance, Twerk is a bonus-rich slot title with a dance battle that offers multiple ways of winning.

  • The Vampires 2 : This 5-reel horror-themed slot from Endorphina has ten fixed paylines and a number of impressive bonus features, which offer you the chance of winning up to 500x the stake.

  • Minotaurus : Minotaurus tells the tale of a mythical creature and plays out on a 5x3 grid with ten fixed paylines. Respins and multipliers feature in Minotaurus, offering more ways to win big.

  • Lucky Streak 3 : This classic fruit-based slot game is as simple as they come, taking place on a 3x3 grid. Perfect for any player looking for a classic online fruity to try from Endorphina.

  • In Jazz : Jazz things up with this 25 payline slot from Endorphina. Wilds and scatters feature prominently, and ten free spins are up for grabs to accelerate your chances of landing a big jackpot win.

  • Book of Oil : Explore the world of oil tycoons as you look to strike lucky with the black gold in Book of Oil. There are special expanding symbols and free spins to unlock in this slot, contributing to its popularity.

  • Book of Vlad : Offering a maximum win of 5,000x the stake and showcasing a classy vampire theme, Book of Vlad from Endorphina is one of the most popular slot games at the Stake Casino.

  • Cyber Wolf : Cyber Wolf is another classic slot machine game from Endorphina that keeps things simple on a 5x3 grid. It’s a great game for slot newbies to try out!

  • Mongol Treasure : Experience the riches of the legendary Mongol armies in this popular slot title. The lady symbol in this slot is the in-game scatter, triggering a generous bonus round when activated.

  • Rooster Fury : Rooster Fury is a well-designed slot with a unique and fun theme, offering lots of winning ways and a generous bonus round for players to unlock.

Unique Features in Endorphina Slots

Endorphina is a leading European software studio with a proven track record of producing excellent slot games with well-designed and unique themes. One thing that many people appreciate about Endorphina slots is their simplicity, with easy-to-follow gameplay and lots of classic-themed slots to enjoy.

Many Endorphina slots also come with a feature buy-in, meaning that you don’t need to wait to organically unlock the game’s bonus features. Instead, you can increase the amount you spend on the game and unlock the features for a fee. Games with a feature buy-in include Solar Eclipse , Rooster Fury Dice , Royal Xmass , and Lumber Jack , as well as several others.

Endorphina has focused its creative energy on producing a wide selection of fun-filled slot titles as a slot-only developer. You can play the vast majority of them at Stake.com.

Be sure to browse through our extensive variety of new slot games to discover the latest Endorphina titles that you can enjoy, and experience the fast-paced and fun-filled gameplay this software developer is renowned for. Take advantage of our casino bonuses and promotions too, and be in the draw to win huge cash prizes!