Crazy Time

Crazy Time Crazy Time
Edge:  4.50%

Have the time of your life with one of our most popular live casino games, Crazy Time! Hit big multipliers and bonus games when the host spins the wheel!

Crazy Time is a live dealer 'spin the wheel' type game show game by Evolution Gaming . This wheel of fortune game features the host spinning a giant wheel with 54 different segments each round, with all the action, streamed live from the fantastic studio in Riga!

Complete with full feature sets and bonus features, wagering on wheel spins on Crazy Time live is an unbeatable live casino experience with an unbeatable virtual money wheel concept.

With 15 seconds to place your bets between rounds, each spin is a sensory overload with the game host interacting with the game action, which gets especially crazy when bonus features are triggered.

Whenever Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip or Crazy Time are triggered, the impressive set comes alive with an extra action to help players win big. Evolution Gaming has had success with Dream Catcher, Monopoly Live and other games in the live casino format and Crazy Time continues that legacy as a big hit with players.

Playing Crazy Time on Stake feels like playing 5 games at once and this top-tier live casino game will surely be one of your favourites available on the online casino .

How to Play Crazy Time and Gameplay Features

Crazy Time is a money wheel game that allows gamblers to bet on a live gambling game with a single spinning wheel containing 8 sections. Players can bet on each segment separately in real-time. At the end of each round, there is a second part where the player can multiply their winnings.

The goal of Crazy Time is for players to wager on which number the wheel will stop at, and win if the flapper lands on their correct guess. Players can also make a bet on some of the bonus segments.

A round of Crazy Time plays out as follows:

  1. Players have 15 seconds to place bets for the round.

  2. Players bet on bonus games or bet multipliers for the round.

  3. Once all bets are in, a slot machine above the wheel randomly assigns a multiplier to either a bonus game or a wheel multiplier.

  4. The host spins the wheel and the round commences.

  5. If the flapper lands on the bet spot a player set a bet multiplier on, the player receives their wager back with a multiplier applied.

  6. If the flapper lands on a bonus game, that game mechanic starts.

The average return to player (RTP) for Crazy Time is 96.50%, however this will vary depending on the bets you make. Read our Crazy Time Guide and Review on the blog for full paytables and game mechanics. Or help develop your strategy further, but learning how to utilise the Crazy Time statistics and results to win !

Crazy Time Bonus Rounds

Crazy Time is a fun casino game with many exciting bonus games offering a variety of betting options! A bet on a bonus segment gives players the chance to win big by participating in an additional game. A bonus round allows players to increase their winnings through a bonus game if the flapper lands on a bonus section.

A multiplier can be carried over from one round to the bonus round. These bonus rounds add extra exciting game mechanics to Crazy Time, which makes this game feel like an exciting game show with multiple games to play that can help you win big.

Cash Hunt Bonus Game

With 2 available segments on the wheel, Cash Hunt is a mini-game with a giant wall of 108 random multipliers hidden behind simple symbols. Players can either select a symbol or allow the game to choose for them in the allotted time, then the icons disappear and the multipliers are revealed!

Pachinko Bonus Game

Also with 2 available wheel segments, Pachinko is a mini-game based on the classic Japanese mechanical game. When Pachinko is activated, a giant purple Pachinko wall with 16 random multipliers underneath is revealed. The host climbs up and drops a puck where it bounces off the spurs until it reaches one of the outcome positions. Players win the associated bet multiplier, and in the case of a 'double', multipliers are doubled until the puck is dropped once again.

Coin Flip Bonus Game

With 4 available segments on the wheel, Coin Flip is the simplest bonus game on the wheel. Two random multipliers are displayed on the face of two sides of a coin, ranging from 2x to 100x. The host presses a button on the Flip-O-Matic and the coin is flipped by the machine - with whatever side landing face up having its multiplier applied.

Crazy Time Bonus Game

The namesake of the game, Crazy Time the bonus game is only available on one segment of the wheel. When activated, the host leads players to a giant wheel in a beautiful setting. There are 3 colours available on this wheel as well as a variety of bet multipliers, doubles and triples. The player chooses one of the three colours before the Crazy Time spin which can end with truly crazy multipliers.

With a variety of gameplay, live hosts and tremendous set design, Crazy Time is one of the most varied and fun live casino experiences available on the Stake casino.

Features and Functionality

Screen Features and Functionality

The Crazy Time game screen has unique features and functionality to enhance your live gaming experience. The screen is designed to provide players with an engaging, immersive experience, with several key features:

  • Main Screen: The main game screen showcases the live host, the giant wheel, and the betting interface. Players can easily place bets, view multipliers, and watch the action unfold in real time.

  • Purple Screen: The purple screen is revealed during the Pachinko bonus round. It features a giant purple Pachinko wall with 16 random multipliers, adding excitement to the gameplay as players anticipate the outcome.

  • Screen with Prizes Listed: During the Cash Hunt bonus round, players are presented with a screen displaying a wall of 108 random multipliers hidden behind symbols. Players can select a symbol or let the game choose for them before the multipliers are revealed.

Mobile Device Compatibility

Crazy Time is designed to be compatible with various mobile devices and digital platforms, allowing players to enjoy this thrilling live casino experience on the go. Key points regarding mobile device compatibility include:

  • Mobile Devices: Crazy Time can be accessed on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices, offering players the flexibility to play from virtually anywhere.

  • Digital Devices: The game is optimized for various digital platforms and devices, ensuring a smooth, seamless gaming experience regardless of the device used.

  • Compatibility: Crazy Time's compatibility with multiple devices ensures that players can easily switch between devices while jumping right back into the action and keep their account information on Stake.

How to Deposit for Crazy Time on

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